It is our great pleasure to announce the Downtown Eastside (Vancouver) Literacy Roundtable’s LinkVan proposal is being funded by the ImagineBC partners this year. The LinkVan video proposal appears below, and some recent media about their work is available here.

Please join us in congratulating the Downtown Eastside (Vancouver) Literacy Roundtable’s LinkVan initiative! The LinkVan project will provide a summary video report within a year.

Imagine BC is an annual opportunity for residents of British Columbia to pitch an excellent, innovative and possibly untraditional idea to our jury. Successful pitches receive funding of up to $7,000. Winning ideas are those that address identified community needs or interests, such as volunteerism, small business development, digital literacy, community engagement, cultural programming, social inclusion or local history.

Initially grounded in the library community, the inspiration of this project was to honour the incredible contributions made by so many individuals in our community, and across the knowledge sector at large. We want to explore the potential for incubation in the knowledge sector and to establish new, enabling, and innovative legacies.

Thank you to all who submitted proposals to ImagineBC this year!
The ImagineBC partners

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