Thank you to all who submitted their ideas to the ImagineBC campaign in 2015-2016!
The intake process is now closed. Follow us on Twitter to learn about the 2016-17 process.

  • You can see the winning 2015-2016 submission, here.

The 5-Step Process

  1. Create a short (approx. 60-90 seconds) video to tell us about your idea. Video should include:
    • Title and location of your project
    • Names of people and organizations involved
    • Description of the project using visuals, sound, song, dance, or any method that inspires!
    • Amount of funding you think you need (anywhere from $1 to $7,000)
  2. Upload your video to YouTube. (Instructions)
  3. Once your video is uploaded, complete the Imagine BC Submission Form.
  4. Jury views videos and selects a shortlist by January 30th. Shortlisted submissions will be invited to pitch the idea in more detail to the jury by teleconference or webinar.
  5. Jury will select winning submissions to move forward with funding process.

How to Post Videos to YouTube:

  1. If you do not already have one, you will need to create a Google account.
  2. Once you have a Google account, visit youtube
  3. In the upper right hand corner, click Upload
  4. Select the video file you would like to upload following the on-screen directions or use the webcam capture method if you prefer
  5. Once you have created and uploaded your video, copy the video’s URL and fill out the Submission Form.

The Fine Print

  • Submissions may be featured on the Imagine BC website.
  • We prefer submissions by video but if you absolutely cannot put together a video, fill out the Submission Form and attach a document describing your proposal.
  • The principal applicant(s) can be an individual or a group of BC residents or an organization/institution based in BC.
  • If your submission involves individuals and/or organization/institution who are presented as partners but do not appear in the video, you must demonstrate their support of your idea with supporting documentation (e.g. letter of support) before successful submissions can move forward with funding.
  • Proposed projects must only be those that can be implemented within one calendar year from the date of award.
  • At the discretion of the jury, one or more ideas will be funded within available budget.
  • There is no requirement that any or all submissions will be awarded annually. Rather, the merit of the submission ideas will determine if an award(s) will be made.
  • If appropriate, the sponsors may work to connect applicants with a community organization whose mandate is in line with the project idea.
  • Videos do not need to provided detailed timelines of how the proposed plan would actually be implemented. However, these details will be requested if your submission is selected for funding.