Tiny Community Center

We are excited to present the Tiny Community Center project to Imagine BC for consideration.

Over the past year and a half, we’ve focused on organizing and hosting a series of hands on building workshops in order to engage community participants in the process of this project. The rest of our time has been spent building partnerships with some of the city’s most innovative, engaged and inspiring makers and doers.

The TCC is a space for collaboration, research, community building, networking and skill sharing. In order to engage as many communities as possible, the TCC will move to different locations, staying in each location for a period of 4-8 months. By being mobile, we can access and engage as many communities as possible, build a rapport with local residents and connect neighbours with other another by creating a community resource lists. At each location we travel to we will host community events by donation, paid workshops as well as workshops for barter and free educational drop in programs for kids. Students and volunteers will assist in the facilitation of these drop in courses. The project will have a paid part time administrator in charge of the coordination of all of the TCC’s programs and communication. 15-20% of proceeds generated in our paid workshops will go towards insurance and will assist in paying for insurance and administrator fees.

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